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Objective I: Run central Africa’s most active mailing list for networking professionals

├ KR#1: 10,000 mailing list subscribers, in three years
├ KR#2: At 30% active subscribers
├ KR#3: 100% of all network operator's categories

Objective II: Run central Africa’s biggest networking event
├ KR#1: At least one conference/year drawing at least 500 participants, in three years
├ KR#2: Train at least 200 engineers a year on latest IP technologies
├ KR#3: Build a growing local team of at least 20 international trainers, on network engineering stuffs, in three years
├ KR#4: Provide participants, in three years, with a test bench covering most of the advanced technologies in Network Engineering

Objective III: Provide services to grow the Internet industry
├ KR#1: Run at least 3 public services used by all network operators in Cameroon, in three years
├ KR#2: Drive passing of 1 bill/year in parliament that improves the Internet industry
├ KR#3: Create an annual “State of the Cameroon” Internet report

Objective IV: Promote adoption of operational best practices and tools in Cameroon
├ KR#1: Author at least 1 BCOP/year to address Cameroon’s context
├ KR#2: Run 95% or more of all our services using Open Source (FLOSS) solutions
├ KR#3: Establish a dashboard to track networking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across various operators