About cmNOG

cmNOG is an open community of Internet networking and related professionals and enthusiasts who share knowledge, experiences and best practices on operating IP networks. For corporate purposes, cmNOG is represented by a non-for-profit entity of the same name. In the tradition of other NOGs all over the world, cmNOG run by a group of volunteers who are passionate about developing capacity in IP networking and related fields in Cameroon

Presence of cmNOG at the CAMIX Workshop from 03 to 07.04.2017

The CAMIX workshop started at the beginning of the week, from Monday 03 to Friday 07 April 2017, at the Mérina Hotel in Yaoundé; with the engineers of ANTIC, CAMTEL (Cameroon Telecommunications), MTN Cameroon, Campost, Orange Cameroon, YooMee Cameroon, Matrix Telecoms, CREOLINK COMMUNICATIONS, RINGO SA whose CEO is the current President of CAMIX.

"Rebooting cmNOG": Step by Step and Perspectives

The "Reboot cmNOG": Step by Step and Way Forward title a presentation, of slides, aiming at the description of the current state of an organization which started its life since 2011 ... It appeared necessary to share the vision which guided the founders. Given that cmNOG is in the process of restructuring, it is important to bring together all the stakeholders in network engineering;

Online Webinar on the Basics of Telework for All

As COVID-19 continues to spread worldwide and even more so in our own country, many organizations / institutions are following government and global guidelines from the Ministry of Health and WHO to make the right arrangements to prioritize the health of their staff and people. No one is left behind, we are all there together.

cmNOG LAB1 on IPv6 and DNSSEC protocols

As of Saturday, July 18, 2015, the cmNOG gathered its members and supporters for an exchange of experiences around technologies stemming from IPv6 and DNSSEC protocols. It was the first physical meeting of members of the Cameroonian Network Engineering communityLab1

Open Source Laboratory

Workshop on Raspberry Pi at the Open Source Laboratory in collaboration with the Cameroonian Network Operators' Group (cmNOG). An interesting #LabDuLOS around #philosophies #FLOSS & #FLOSH. With the menu of the first edition # Nano_Computer = # Raspberry Pi2B & Pi3.Laboratoire Open source


Co-organization, with the IT Department of the DGSN, of a Free Meeting around the Liberation (Migration to Free) of IT Infrastructure. With the decisive support of several Free Communities: Ubuntu-cm, Mozilla Cameroon, Open Source Laboratory, Linux Friends, KamerCG..LibreDGSNcm

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