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Conferences | cmNOG

This wiki page offers a common place to display and document the cmNOG's Conferences organized either for the cmNOG's Community or by the volunteers from the Internet's community, in Cameroon and abroad ; through a Programme Committee (PC). Some of the tasks from the organising's check-list consist to: choose a central Theme, select the Conference's topics and recruit the presenters/panelists/moderators for each Conference

Some of those Conferences shall be, either, organized:

Each Conference shall be organized at least one time per year, during one to three days (in six hours maximum per day), and Evaluated1) in a regular and free basis.

Each Conference shall be recorded and all their respective Q/A sessions stored appropriately.

Active Conferences

••• please go to cmNOG3 •••

Table of Free Conferences

#NameDateTime (UTC+1)ThemeRegistrationRecordsComment
1cmNOG115.12.202019:00-20:00Internetworking Notes, Interaction report, Slides, Audio, Vidéo, All cmNOG1's Records :-) DONE :!: Thanks y'all !
2cmNOG229.03.202210:00-16:00 Infrastructures Locales et Contenus Locaux Notes, Interaction report, Slides, Audio, Vidéo, All cmNOG2's Records :-) DONE :!: Thanks y'all !
3cmNOG301-03.12.202209:00-16:00Internetworking Notes, Interaction report, Slides, Audio, Vidéo, All cmNOG3's Records :-) ToDo :!: Challenge to y'all !

Template of Free Events & Conferences

A Template (Template N°2) is at your disposal, to easily create the wiki page aimed to describe the next cmNOG's Conference.

Contact | Programming Committee (PC)

Please contact the Programme Committee (PC), for more information regarding the organization of the Conferences of the cmNOG.

 * Write to the PC via the address: PC [AT] cmnog [DOT] cm
 * Specify the subject in the 'Subject' field of the Email
Template of Questionnaire for a Conference pre/post-Evaluation —
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