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•~| ccTechThinkersDay — #ccTTD |~•

This Idea of Project was first discussed between two volunteers of the cmNOG. They were discussing about a mean to more efficiently engage the local, technical and Internet, Community through the cmNOG's Missions & Objectives. That's from where the ccTechThinkersDay emerged…


Every time when we face a concern or any kind of issue relating to Regulatory|Policy|Architecture|Operations|Technology|Security or whatever aspects of Digital Governance, we (as a community) are always reactive and that is not a fair approach ; because a responsible community should be more anticipative. That is what a #ccTTD (country code Tech Thinkers Day) is all about. A fora where volunteers are dedicated to thinking about simple emerging governance|architectural|technical|security|policy|operational|whatever issues in a regional|sub-regional|national scale, usually in an anticipative mode…then document, publish and share the resulting recommendations. This Idea of Project is a great mean to enhance the community engagement and to share both knowledge and know how.


Main Objective

Transform Issues into Recommendations

Specific Objectives

  • SO#1: Build the biggest cc community-based thinkers
  • SO#2: Maintain the Community Engagement
  • SO#3: Follow-up Implementation of the Recommendations


One/two hours of round table/webinar, every two weeks.


Mixte (Online+LocalHubs)

Draft Agenda

  • Introduction on the Topic of the Day
  • Presentation of the Key Speakers
  • Q/A Session
  • Adoption of the first drafting of Recommendations (to be fairly formated and detailed if need be in order to be published and shared)

Permanent Communication Channel

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