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Idea of Project (Template 1)

 [[IdeasAndProjects:Ideas:IoP-template1 | Idea of Project (Template 1) | IoP Template N°1]]

[Idea of Project] — {Full Name here} (#{ConcatenationOfFirstLettersHere})

Background of the IoP

{A description of the context (problem to solve) which led to the IoP here}

Name of the IoP

{Full Name of the Idea of Project here}

Description of the IoP

{A description of the proposed solution to address the problem of the IoP here}

Objectives of the IoP

Main Objective

{The main Objective of the IoP here}

Specific Objectives

For each specific objective, there are three key results, which could be used as indicators on the level of the project implementation.

Specific Objective#1

Key Results (KRs) for Objective#1
 |- KR#1.1 : 
 |- KR#1.2 : 
 |- KR#1.3 : 

Specific Objective#2

Key Results for Objective#2
 |- KR#2.1 : 
 |- KR#2.2 : 
 |- KR#2.3 : 

Specific Objective#3

Key Results for Objective#3
 |- KR#3.1 : 
 |- KR#3.2 : 
 |- KR#3.3 : 

Target Population of the IoP

{The target population of the IoP here}

Key (expected) Results of the IoP

{List the KRs of the IoP here}

Activities of the IoP

{The activities of the IoP here}

Potential Partners of the IoP

{The potential partners of the IoP here}

Budget of the IoP

{The Budget of the IoP here. A link could suffice}

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